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Hawaiian Drive Inn is one of the most recognized name for serving up great Hawaiian plate lunches.

Hawaiian Drive Inn Restaurant at 1095, Tully Rd,Sanjose,CA is a common name in various corners of United states since 1997. May it be the Hawaiian BBQ Short Ribs, or the yummy sauce that comes with Chicken katsu plate, you'll be pretty amazed to see how hygenic and tasty platters you are served by our always smiling members.Reveiw our testimonial to hear what we don't want to brag about. It is always food that we talk................Rest is all what you'll say for us. see ya..........Drive by!!!!!!!!!!!


Best hawaiian food in the bay! always fresh excellent food with very friendly service. Not to mention the cleanliness is superb.

Allison C, SanJose Ca

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Hawaiian Drive Inn
1095 Tully Rd, San Jose Ca - 95121
Tel: (408) 292-0788
Email: hawaiiandriveinnsanjose@yahoo.com